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Linda Review 2
Ladies name Linda
3.30 am
1.5 hours
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
A girl with a lot articulate and wits I can say. Any topic you put forth in front of her, she's aware, be it politics, sports, movies, anything under the sun, regarding the latest development in the field of science, whatever it is. I found her to be quite intelligent and smart. Hence I really enjoyed the entire conversation with her over a dinner date and the awesome etiquette and mannerisms she possessed. Her facial features were sharp and her smile the most charming one, I've ever seen in my life. I liked her entire self, from top to the toe. She was like a dream girl to me, who fulfilled all my passions in action too. What I expected from the engagement with her, I got it, hence I would highly recommend her. I really had a wonderful time with her.
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