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Alejandra Review 2
Ladies name Alejandra
4.50 am
4 hours
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
A very friendly 19-year old blonde, who's active and is well-versed with every aspect of escorting. Knows how to deal with people and also leave them satisfied and happy. Very very enthusiastic and smart to the core. Loves the entertainment business and entertaining. Kind of seems like was born to do this kind of profession itself, so professional and so much at ease, that you too will be bewildered with the easiness and softness, with which she carries on her performance, be it right from serving a glass of red-wine or even performing a pole-dance on the bed for you. She won't be taken aback with any of your weird requests, as once I asked her whether she finds my requests weird. She laughs and answers, don't worry Mr. XYZ, I've seen more weirdos than you, I'm well-used to them and this makes you more comfortable with her, to ask her perform more and more of your weird requests, but that doesn't mean that I don't respect her as an individual, of course I make her perform everything, by keeping her dignity intact and that's why she likes me.
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