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Daniela Review 1
Ladies name Daniela
11.22 pm
1.5 hours
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
She's a sweetheart and a darling to all her clients and one of mine too. I just love her presence and her smell and that itself makes me happy and composed in her company. I love every inch of herself, a very curvaceous bod and the highlight of her beauty is her ravishing and mesmerizing smile. She never gives up on anything too and is always ready to sail and on the go. Always energetic and enthusiastic and ready for anything. Wants everything picture-perfect, but does it in a relaxed manner. So everything will be available picture-perfect to you in her presence, but in a relaxed manner and that's a quality I really admire in her, without hurrying up, she'll make everything picture-perfect.
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